Cyril goes far, together

He may have been late, again, but South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement tonight regarding Covid-19 in South Africa was so worth it.

Besides the lockdown, he showed what he’s been so busy doing in all those meetings that keep making him late. Getting people on board. Powerful people.

Next time we slam Ramaphosa’s obsession with consensus-building, let’s recall this moment. It’s his weakness at times and also his biggest strength.

Remember the proverb: you can go fast alone or you can go far together?

He could have acted fast, alone. He’s gone further, taking people – and crucial sectors – with him.

Also: Hallelujah for a president who takes science seriously.

Imagine if we had to deal with the denialism we’ve seen in the past, or are seeing in the US now?

For #Ramaphosa to acknowledge infections could reach hundreds of thousands in a few weeks is huge.

Lastly: If he manages to pull this off, unifying and galvanising us to fight this and emerge, this will be legacy-defining stuff.

I’m proud of my president today. Let’s do this South Africa. We’re good in a crisis. If only we could do that consistently but hey, that’s a conversation for another day. ?